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About Our Studio

Regardless of your age, flexibility, or strength, AIM Yoga has a class to meet and honor you at your current phase of life. Yoga is accessible to anyone with the right attitude and can help you reduce stress, heal injuries and emotional turmoil, increase focus and even lose weight by giving you a fresh and healthful perspective on your body - plus much more!! Classes set in a heated room are dynamic and focus on balanced movement with emphasis on both strength and gentleness. The variety of classes offered in non-heated environments are aimed at specific needs to include gentle, restorative, prenatal and family practices designed to help the entire population reap the plentiful benefits of yoga and learn the tools necessary at any stage to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.

AIM Yoga offers a variety classes in heated and non-heated environments to help you promote healing, enlightenment, and creativity on a path to total wellness. The atmosphere we create is full of soothing sounds, scented oils, and peaceful lighting meant to encourage you to wander down a path of personalized spiritual growth. Each student is encouraged to explore the ancient practice of yoga in our safe environment, unveiling new perspectives about themselves and the world. AIM Yoga wants you to lust and dream after new goals you never thought possible. Our teachers will help you aim your life in a positive direction by giving you the tools of empowerment through encouraging, yet challenging routines. The path of yoga will ignite your fire to continue on your journey of new perspective discovering your true self. You will gain strength and power on the mat, giving you fresh purpose in your life as you realize you can achieve things you previously thought were impossible. All of this leads to your utter contentment and bliss just because you joined this kula, or community of yogis!!

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