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Aim Truth

Aim Truth is a “Basics” class designed for the practitioner to learn the true foundations of vinyasa (flow) yoga. It is perfect for the new student just beginning the study of yoga or any student that needs to slow it down for the day. This class concentrates on the fundamental yoga postures with basic breath support. Postures are always presented with appropriate modifications. No experience needed. ALL levels welcome!


**Safe for beginners and pre-natal women with doctor approval.

Aim Power

Aim Power is a dynamic “Vinyasa” (flow) style class that is athletic and strength-based. Class includes warm-up, flow that contains weight bearing postures on the hands, standing series, leg balances, arm balances, inversions, and a culmination of hip-openers. All postures are cued to use the breath as a tool to guide the practice. Creative freedom in sequencing is given to the teacher. ALL levels welcome but yoga experience preferred.



**Teachers are equipped with modifications but this class is not recommended for brand spanking new students, those recovering from injury, or unseasoned pre-natal/post-natal mamas.

Aim Truth Power

Aim Truth Power is our combo class designed for beginners and advanced yogis alike. Expect to be given a dynamic class that is athletic and strength-based that includes plenty of modifications for all levels of students. Class will start slow and gradually build a slow, steady burn then end with a culmination of hip-openers and relaxation. All postures are cued to use the breath as a tool to guide the practice. Creative freedom in sequencing is given to the teacher. ALL levels welcome!



Aim Fire

Aim Fire is a “Quick Fix” class designed for the busy yogi. It is a 45-minute vigorous flow leaving you calm and invigorated to tackle the rest of your busy schedule. Expect to leave sweaty yet refreshed. ALL levels welcome but yoga experience preferred due to intensity.


**Teachers are equipped with modifications but this class is not recommended for a first-time student, those recovering from injury, or unseasoned pre-natal/post-natal mamas.

Aim Power Funky Flow

Aim Power Funky Flow is an Aim Power class (see description) to the beat of unique and eclectic playlists with some funk added to the flow. Feel free to block out some time for socialization after class to connect with other yogis. And heck, put whatever you want in your water bottle too, we don’t care, it’s a yoga class to unWINEd!  Must be 21 to drink. ALL levels welcome!



Kula is a $5 CASH-ONLY class that gives the gift of affordable yoga to the community. It also helps students prolong their class passes - SAVE A PUNCH and pay the $5 instead of deducting a class from your pass membership!! “Kula” is a community of the heart, a group coming together of their own free will to form a family with a shared purpose and intention. Look for the word KULA on the class schedule and that class is just $5.

** $5 CASH only please. No passes, only month memberships accepted.

Aim Dream

Aim Dream Rise, Shine and Flow! This class is modeled after the Aim Power series but with a lighter and gentler approach designed to acclimate the body to movement early in the morning.  Class will start slow and gradually build a slow, steady burn then end with a culmination of hip-openers and relaxation. All postures are cued to use the breath as a tool to guide the practice. Creative freedom in sequencing is given to the teacher. Get your day started right and expect to move out of dreamland to a refreshed state of mind! All levels welcome.


Aim Contentment

Aim Contentment is a “Gentle” class that will take you on guided journey of physical and mental relaxation techniques to promote wellness, balance, and flexibility in the body and mind. If you’ve never tried yoga, start here to get a feel for some gentle stretching and meditation. It’s a cozy type of class where you’ll explore lots of seated and passive poses while also learning to gently move and flow with your breath throughout practice and begin to build strength the more you attend. Props are encouraged to facilitate practice. No experience needed. ALL levels welcome. This class is safe and comfortable for EVERY BODY - safe for brand spanking new beginners, those recovering from injury, pre-natal and post-natal mamas, even those with mild physical conditions.



Aim-Dream-Contentment is a “Gentle Vin-Yin-Restore” 20/20/20 class. The class starts with 20 minutes of gentle flow, “Gentle Vin,” to strengthen and warm up the body. The rest of the practice is on the floor with the next 20 minutes being devoted to “Yin”where you stretch the connective tissue around the joints (mainly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine) and postures are typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia. The last 20 minutes culminates with restorative yoga, “Restore,” which include light twists, seated forward folds, gentle backbends, and postures supported by props, typically held for 5 minutes and designed to send you into pure contentment, relaxation, and rest. The entire class is complimented by using the breath and mixed with guided meditation. No experience needed. ALL levels and EVERY BODY welcome.


* Please feel free to bring your own props!

Aim Wander Series

Aim Wander Series are rotating special classes designed to keep all ages, shapes, and current life situations in mind. Classes will rotate so always check the schedule to see what is being offered and when with new classes being added often.

Aim Wander Series - Prenatal

Aim Wander Series - Prenatal is class is designed to help expectant mothers and post-natal moms (who have spoken with a doctor) to safely tone, stretch, and rebuild muscles used for childbirth and get relief from some of the discomforts of pregnancy and/or the post-partum self while making a loving connection with their baby and the power of their bodies. A great bonus is connecting with other moms. Women will also learn the tools to modify their practice to feel comfortable dropping into another appropriate class on the schedule. We hope pre-natal moms will enhance their unique journey to birth and we want post-natal mamas to know we have been in your shoes and QUIET 4th trimester babies are welcome (1-3 months and sleepy ☺).


* This class is for women in any trimester and safe for beginners. All moms are invited after class to discuss the weekly topics. Regular class rates apply.

Aim Wander Series - Teen

Aim Wander - Teen Yoga is a 6 week series of yoga classes for pre-teens and teens (includes our "tweens" or almost 6th graders through high school).  A no heat and no judgment zone! Students will learn the rudimentary sequence of a flow class and come to understand, through the transformation of yoga poses and breathing exercises, how their own strength and flexibility are powerful tools in relieving stress and calming the mind.


Classes will be held on Mondays from 4:00 - 5:00 PM with Lexi, our own teen instructor who learned the importance of yoga at a young age, becoming certified to teach after her senior year of high school. 

$25 for the entire series or $5 drop-in per class.

Session 1: June 26 - August 7 (no class July 3)

Aim Wander Series - Family

Aim Wander Series - Family will focus on fun and playful movement as well as calming breath work to bring the family together in a lighthearted practice. We will move through a lightly structured physical flow geared towards children of all ages and their parents and the practice will end united with your family unit as we include a brief guided meditation to help focus the busy minds of children and parents alike. Family members and friends of young yogis are welcome.


* Children under 5 are free, 5 and up including adults are only $5/person.

Custom and Private Yoga

• Looking for a way to improve wellness within a company?

• Planning a bachelorette party, bridal shower, or want a zen moment before getting married?

• Want to introduce yoga to sports teams?

• Looking to advance your practice beyond what is taught in class?

• Ready to start yoga but hesitant to step into a classroom?

• Or working with an injury or special condition?

We are happy to set up the perfect teacher, time, and location for you. Private, group and custom classes are available upon request. Session rates vary according to location, duration, frequency, and number of participants, so please call 724-351-0662 or email for a quote.


Meditation is incorporated into each class but when you see this on the schedule, there is a period of time dedicated to providing a quiet space for you to be still and focus inward. At times the teacher overseeing the class may lead you in a guided meditation experience, teach guided breath, offer guided mantras, join the class in meditating on mala beads, or simply be there to help you understand how to meditate if you are new but want to begin this amazing and health filled journey. No experience needed. Be careful, meditation is known to lead to a blissed out life, oh and it increases gray matter in the brain too!!